Have you had a family member or friend who was murdered?


Well, not family or really my friend but I did kno a man, not Big fan of said man. He was my mothers (ex)boyfriend. He was brutally murdered. It was nasty. He was recently split up from mom, he was homeless and making bad- drug addled- choices to make money. As it turns out he ripped off the wrong couple of dudes. They took him out (most likely against his will) on a small motor boat roughed him up some, then began dunking his head under the water. One of the gentlemen decided, why drown him, wen they could do something much more lethal and faster. Stick his head in the boat propellers. They did so. As it turns out one of them felt he was still alive after the first time so back he went head first into the motor, this time dead for sure (I hope). he was then cast off into the water to be found by some poor unsuspecting person. He had a prescription bottle on him. that's how they figured out who he was (that's what my mom tells me). other than that he was not recognizable. Very ugly way to die if u ask me.

Ps I kid u not at first it was labeled a suicide too


In 1986 I was a holy roller (hypocrite), but I was a proud and arrogant one. A real "holier than thou" type.
I was standing on an outside balcony which over looked the courtyard of the large church I attended when this young man
I knew vaguely approached me. He ask me, "how do we do this thing". If you are part of the society you understand that
question to mean, "how do I live the christian life". I was really not in the mood to talk to him, and though I don't remember
exactly what I said to him, I remember for the most part, I brushed him off. I did not know just how much this young man needed help.

Not long after that His wife who was eight months pregnant, his young daughter and son both under the age of seven were found
in their home murdered...brutally. They were hacked to death with a bush ax.

To make a long story short. For twenty-six years these murders were a cold case. Then one day the man who I didn't take the time
to talk to was convicted for the murders. The women whom he was married to at the time ( twenty-six years later now ) supposedly found a letter he had written to his mom years earlier ( The letter was found by "him" in his moms possessions after her death). He saved the letter, his wife discovered it and went to the authorities. The letter basically had him confessing to the murders.
He was convicted of the murders after twenty-six years.

Could I have made a difference? Well that is always the question. The truth is there is no possible way of knowing. Destiny makes it's own path.


A friend of mine, Paul, got lured to his death by four particularly nasty bitches, all of which I knew also. All because he was infatuated with one of them. They drugged him with amphetamines and battery acid, got a bloke of low intellect who bashed him with a baseball bat and finally, when he was still kicking, tied a bag around his head until he died.
They dismantled his bike and spread the parts around local rubbish dumps. Later, some bike parts were found and handed into the cops, as Paul was listed as missing. It was the bitches undoing, as forensics worked out that some of the parts had to have been taken apart by a woman.
Investigations soon led the cops to his infatuatee, and the whole ugly mess unraveled.
Another connection to one of the murderers I have, is we sold our house to her brother just a few years before.
Paul Snabel's murder also,featured on a national TV show,
Wow, that's ugly.


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Only story i have is of a family friend's father who was beat to death by two punks who tried to rob him with a claw hammer in a sock that they tried to claim was a gun. When he called them on it, they killed him. Brutal way to go.
Has anyone in your family or friends been murdered? What happened? Was the person responsible caught and what was the outcome?...

Share your stories.

I'll go first(since it's my thread)...

I was 6/7 years old...and I remember my Uncle Danny..he was my Dad's older brother..He was also a cop like my Dad..I remember him in uniform and sneaking us candy and taking us rides in his convertible car...He was a good guy..many people respected him and he never once had a bad report with those he arrested.

..He was off duty and went to a local bar where he'd go often..It was a neighborhood bar that belonged to a friend of his...the place wasn't too crowded ,nothing seemed to be out out place...He walked up to order and drink and a man was standing right in front of the wait station, and tapped him on the shoulder..the man turned around,didn't say a word...and shot him point blank ..then ran..witness we're able to give a clear description etccc..and he was caught soon after.

The man who killed my Uncle was in his early 20's ..a drug addict and was attempting to rob the bar..he said he panicked when my Uncle walked in..so he shot him. No apology ..No remorse..He was given a life sentence. Years later he died in prison from I think of cancer or something..too bad he didn't get shanked..

I had a cousin by name of Daniel Porter who was murdered by the Famous Serial Killer Robert F. Garrow. Robert stabbed Daniel to death. There was even a book about it and a website you can go to to read about it. That is one thing I would like to see on this site unless I am missing it somewhere a place dedicated to serial killers and their victims. Adirondack Murders - Browse by Victim: Daniel Porter


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In Jan. 1997, living in an apartment south of Seattle, Wa., our cross-hall neighbors, a mid-30's divorcee and her 9 y.o. son, were stabbed to death by her ex-husband. Bodies weren't discovered for several days after. A few days earlier I had reported to the apartment manager about their newspapers piling up outside their door. She had replied "they're on vacation". I was home having lunch when the lady's sister and her hubby found the bodies. A day I'll never forget.