He might stop chokin you if you tap out?

Drives backwards

It's exactly the same, but totally different
Why do women stay with shitwits like these?? Do they think they can "fix" them or they'll stop because the guy "loves" them or what?? There's not enough other guys out there?? Ok, I get the "bad boy" image draw to some women, but I myself am a "bad boy", yet it's not a desire to abuse women or children! Riding my loud azzed Harley through downtown at 4am and setting off car alarms is good enough for me! Respect. Try having some respect for yourself and expect to BE respected as well. But whatever you do...report that phukr so it's on record that he's an abuser and get the HELL away from him!!! And if you have children, YOU then also become an abuser by not taking proper caution to protect your children! Just my thoughts :shrug: