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called the “monster of the Black Forest”, is a German series murderer.

Heinrich Pommerenke committed at least four sexual murders into the 1950er years. In addition multiple rapes and other one come. It had a special preference for courses, railway embankments and stations. Its fourth murder is famous, to the 21jaehrigen Dagmar Klimek on 1 June 1959 . The distance between Heidelberg and Basel with Ebringen Pommerenke encounters the woman, when she comes from the toilet, from the course, pulls the emergency brake, steps out, ersticht the severely wounded person and passes against the corpse.

According to own data the trip of the murder series was the film “the ten requirements” from Cecil B. DeMille in a cinema in Karlsruhe . To the representation of the dance around the golden calf through easily dressed women he came to the realization that women are the cause of all evil and it has the mission to punish her. Still in the same evening he committed the first murder in a park in the proximity of the cinema.

On 19 June Pommerenke is arrested, after he left a firearm with a cutter in horn mountain. From own drive it confesses the murders after its arrest. On 22 October 1960 he is too six times lifelong condemned in Freiburg. Until today it sits therefore in the prison Bruchsal . He is thereby the longest in-sitting prisoner of the Federal Republic of Germany .


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