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Had to watch that with the sound way down because the wife is asleep, but this is some kind of haunted attraction in New York I'm gathering?
I'd fucking go see that shit if I was in the area, looks fucked up and fun.


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Religious assholes are more judgmental than atheists for fuck sake. They will criticize you but don't wanna obey the word of God. But, what is God's word? In the bible he's made out to be real jealous and violent.


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God or so called God is a dictator and an arrogant one at that, he gives you a choice you can only enter heaven if you worship him, that's not really a choice it's more like an order.


We have these here but I have never gone to one. I refuse and I won't allow my child to go to them. I'm no bible thumper by any means but the GD word really gets under my skin.

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