Hillbilles find a body , then they take it home

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... Love the intestines on the ground, pork sausages anyone? So like good hillbillies they took her home and had great sex then ate her, oh yeah, .......it was also their sister. :talkingcunt:


"Sure. C-come on, man. Our relationship ain't all weak and shit. You know, I mean... I mean just because she's dead we should just break up or somethin'? Fuck that!"

"Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, listen to me, she's dead, man. You gotta move on."

"So what? So she's dead. Does that make you fresher than her?"

"I didn't say that..."

"I don't think so! So she don't talk as much. And she really don't move around a lot. She's still fresh! She's still fun to be around. Y-yeah you're just prejudiced. You're prejudiced against dead people."