Hitler Youth- female version.

LOL oh how the mighty has fallen. Now these "master race" females are spreading their legs and letting negros (aka cotton equipment) and goat fuckers impregnate them HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I was in Hamburg 2 weekends ago, the whole town is covered in Antifa stickers and graffiti... that's just asking for trouble!
Germany need's to embrace racism again
The Hafenstrasse area in St.Pauli is an absolute leftside territory, many clashes with the cops in the past because of illegal housing. They even robbed the cops an UZI in the '80s but gave it back a day later. Now it's a bit more quiet there, the houses have a regular landlord etc.
Wonder how many of them survived rape en masse by the Red army? If any are alive now, their tits would be getting in the way of their slippers.