I eat pussy.
How the fuck can anyone let their house get this bad? In my opinion it’s not mental illness at all it’s strictly being a lazy cunt and letting it get out of hand. You sleep in your own filth and let it pile on until it’s completely out of control. It’s disgusting!
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I'd hv to Agree with Mental Illness Guy's! B'cuz that's just FKN NUTS! And speaking of Nuts...Where the fuck are MINE? Gotta b here "SOMEPLACE" lmao...SP


I'm sorry if I have offended you
There is a correlation between Alcoholism and hoarding... I have a few alcoholics acquaintances and friends , and they all hoard. A guy I used to work with, has shit piled up that high in his house, that there is only a foot wide path through his house in every room. He opened up his garage one day when i was there, and shit just fell out onto the drive way. He would be at a house where we were working, and they would be chucking broken stuff out, or old newspapers(rubbish) and he would ask "can I take that?"


I'm sorry if I have offended you
Uuuugh I can only imagine her hygiene seeing she never cleaned her house lol
Just read an article yesterday on asthma and it reckoned that dirty houses are better than clean ones when it comes to the rates of asthma and eczema. The cleaning products we use are destroying the linings of our lungs. Bacterial soaps are killing the beneficial bacteria in our homes as well as bad ones and are causing the propagation of super bacterias that can't be killed. Article said this is why rates of anaphylaxis are rising. The body doesn't deal with bugs because environment is so clean, so the body is having trouble distinguishing between antigens, pollen and chemicals...