Hooray 4 Boobies!!!


Short Bussed
(Jedi mind trick power activated)

:ss: You will all post your fave tittay pics here! :ss:
Those of you who don't (male or female) will automatically (& correctly/naturally) be assumed to be gay. :poker:

You have been warned!
(note: post em, even if u are "bent" ;))
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Reminds me of a titty joke!

This guy sees a shrink because of his obsession with tits!
The shrink says,"What's the first thing that you think of when I say apples"
"Tits!" The man yells. "Big juicy fucking TITS!"
"Okay, what about Tennis balls?"
"Tits! Wobbly fucky sucky TITS!"
"Bowling Ball?"
"Big humongous fucking TITS!"
Shrink begins to see the connection, so decides to throw him a red herring.
"Windscreen wiper?" The Shrink says.
"TITS" The man screams. "Big fucking juicy wobbly tit fucking TITS!!!!"
"Righty oh," the shrink says,"I can see how you get tits from the first lot of words, but how do you get to tits with a windscreen wiper?"
The man holds both hands out in front of him, like he was holding an imaginary pair of tits, and starts kissing first the left, then the right, then the left, then the right, then the left.............