How Many Musicians Do We Have Here?


Keep your distance..
I cannot at all.. Always wanted to learn guitar but was always busy with sports.. feel like I’m to old to learn now and couldn’t find the time..


Mini Wiconi -Water Is Life!
In between shows I can’t leave my hotel so this keeps me entertained.
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I've been regularly writing, recording, and producing a lot lately. Trying to develop my sound so I can play shows and distribute songs to record companies... It's pretty stressful sometimes... Other times I probably get too excited and start sharing songs that aren't finished, cause I'm an idiot. :/ (I'm actually pretty good on guitar due to growing up fantasizing about being Jimi Hendrix, so I played guitar everyday for a year and my dexterity is surprisingly awesome but I got over that Jimi obsession and now don't care for that acid rock shit :/ )
So I have a lot of diversity genre wise. I want to mix post punk, synth pop, power electronics, Neofolk, art punk, no wave, and trap beats (however I don't want to be witchhouse). Easier said than done. Here's a Current 93 cover I did the other day.



Wandering Wizard
I play the violin on occasion, trying to learn the ukulele, I'm not great at the former and frankly awful at the latter.