Huffington Post Admits Media Double Standard On Racial Crime - Tries To Justify It



But let's say, yes, if the incident in Norfolk had been more serious, maybe with a fatality, and let's say the races had been reversed -- a group of whites fatally attacking an African American couple -- the coverage would probably have been appropriately huge. And here's why. In addition to the hypothetically fatal crime itself, there's a considerably wicked history in America of white racism, oppression and violence against black people, which, to an extent, continues today. It's the historical and contemporaneous context that ultimately changes how these stories are, and should be, covered.

Black people are thirteen percent of the American population -- therefore members of the minority race beating up two members of the majority race is quite different in a societal sense than a member of the majority race shooting the minority race in apparent cold blood. White-on-black crime comes from a position of power. The opposite -- the minority oppressing the majority -- is impossible.

Yes, there's a double-standard. And until there's full equality and the long slow process of racial healing is completed, the double-standard has to remain.


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More and more people are waking up to this pathetic and cheap attempt to promote an agenda of perpetual White gilt.

Its coming to an almost humorous point when on the very rare occasion that a negro is attacked, Then we are forced to watch the controlled media fall all over themselves trying to make something out of nothing.... Then to see them quietly try to forget the story when it turns out to be the opposite of what they were hoping.

Its so damn obvious you'd almost have to be in a coma not to see it . lol


Since a couple people lost their jobs over Zimmerman coverage let's see how eager they are to spin stories now. I'm sure it still happen but a few will think twice.


How about another joke Murray?
I feel like vomiting every time I flip past MSNBC! I hate that dude Rachel Maddow! I think it's policy that everyone there looks like a reptile and acts like a jackass. Who can forget when that dumbass Chris Matthews was describing "getting that thrill up my leg when he saw Obama" during the 2008 presidential elections. I mention MSNBC because they were (in the Martin case) and always are the first ones to race bait, and get there meager audiences juices flowing. Fox news sucks as well-but MSNBC is just the worst in my opinion.
I was removed from my introduction to Social Work class because I wouldn't write a paper speaking of white privilege, and I wouldn't feel guilty for being a white male. Fox, MSNBC, fuck even CNN now a days are just about getting your attention.
maybe you're just not ready for college.
lol, I'm sure that's it.
I'm not going to write a paper based off of a publication from 1984 written by a woman who just screams suffrage. She can't stop pointing out she's a minority because she's a woman, my teacher wanted me to speak of how horrible I am because I don't do more to make sure all races around me are equal, but she doesn't realize where we live whites are the minority.