Humiliated and Sodomized


Just another human being
Kinda hard to watch. But I'm not judging until I have some sort of legitimate translation.

Still it looks like the dude's dick is tiny as fuck. She barely has to move her head lol


Fucking parasites!!

She gets abused, just because she knew, that the step dad had a real piece of "swingin' meat." And to show that these punks are "green behind the ears," they attempt to fuck her with a dick, the size of a zit from a 14 year old teenager.

...her only crime?

...she needed a pimp!!

There isn't anyone in their right mind, that would carry out a sentence of castration for these worthless fucks. After all, who would boast about carrying out a sentence such as this, using something that you could easily purchase in the cosmetic department, at your local Wal-mart!!

You want real justice?

Give these motherfuckers a case of Viagra and nine months. Then we can talk about purchasing something in the "power tools" department, to get the sentences successfully carried out.

It's a cryin' shame, she wasn't properly armed. I would of laughed along side her. If I had a dick that size, I would of become a priest!!

Poor thing!!

I should send her my e-mail address!! :)