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BUDAPEST - Hungary's governing Fidesz party has submitted a bill to parliament that would hold the opposition Socialists accountable for crimes committed by the former communist party before 1989.

"The Hungarian state cannot be based on the sins of the communist regime," according to the bill put forward late Sunday, according to national news agency MTI.

"Due to the personal continuity binding the leadership of the old and the new party," the Socialists (MSZP) should be held accountable for the actions of the former communist regime, which has until now escaped scrutiny, it added.

The bill, which will be included in the constitution if passed, describes the former communist party - the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (MSZMP) - and its successors as "criminal organisations."

When the country's new constitution takes effect on January 1, "there will be an opportunity to do justice," it says.

The bill, which triggered condemnation Monday from the MSZMP, is likely to be adopted in parliament where Prime Minister Viktor Orban's Fidesz has a two-thirds majority.

According to the text, the communist leaders were responsible "for having maintained and run the oppressive regime, violated the law and betrayed the nation."

It said their crimes included the suppression of a burgeoning democracy at the end of World War II with Soviet support, the killing and torturing of citizens, discrimination based on origins or political beliefs, illegal monitoring of private lives, and the crushing of the 1956 anti-Soviet uprising.

The document also described the MSZP "as the heir of illegally accumulated wealth, as the beneficiary of illegitimate spoils obtained during the dictatorship or the transition (to democracy)."

The Socialist party was created in 1990 out of the MSZMP, the state party that ruled the country under various names between 1947 and 1989.

As in many other former communist countries, the transition to democracy and market economy took place peacefully with the participation of figureheads from the former omnipotent party.

"The proposal equals to the stigmatisation of the modern Hungarian left," Socialist deputy Gergely Barandy told Klubradio Monday.

"The goal of (the government) is not to convict communist criminals but to criminalise today's Socialist politicians who were 8-15 years old at the change of the regime," said Barandy, insisting the government was trying to divert the public's attention from its economic policies.

Constitutional lawyer Gyorgy Kollath meanwhile called the proposal a "narrow-minded attempt" and warned that "laws include state-set rules of conduct and guarantees, and extreme political announcements motivated by self-interest should have no place among them."

The bill, like many others made by Fidesz, was submitted to parliament by two deputies as an individual motion, a tactic that eliminates compulsory coordination with the opposition and social partners.

The new constitution drafted by Fidesz which sailed through parliament in April drew heavy criticism from civic groups, rights organisations and opposition parties.


I do understand the meaning and the relavance of such trials. And how much it could mean to the living of the people lost, but when it comes to the time and money spent on these things I think it could be better spent else where by the government of Hungary in their country to better aid the living.

Just my pov isall.

And we know how they have trials going on right now for those Pol Pot fuckers, and they dont even expect half of them to live thru the trials to be punished for what they did.


Representing Zionism
How's it any more of a "waste of money" then how the Nazi's were hunted around the world for decades on end? Considering they were responsible for anywhere near as many murders as the communists, and were really traitors to there countries.


How's it any more of a "waste of money" then how the Nazi's were hunted around the world for decades on end? Considering they were responsible for anywhere near as many murders as the communists, and were really traitors to there countries.

It's a fact that Communists around the world have committed far worse atrocities (at mostly against their own people, on their own or stolen soil) than Nationalists of any kind have, National Socialists or not. Yet any sort of White Nationalism/National Socialism = BAD, but say something like the civil rights movement here in the USA, which could be called Communist insurrection as much of it was, is viewed as just and holy.

The Communists and Socialists around the White world need to be identified, held accountable and punished like the traitorous scum that they are. Whether they are in power still or not.

This "waste of money" may actually help open the doors for other countries to do the same. Such as it is illegal in many European countries to even debate anything to do with the Holohoax, or to show any Nationalist symbols, perhaps many countries soon will learn the real truth about Communism and deal with Communists efficiently. It also will show these same people that maybe National Socialism wasn't so bad after all.

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