Husband and wife assassinated

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    She was in her early 30's, he was in his 40's. As they drove out of a gas station two men opened up fire from the sidewalk, the husband lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a wall. Both victims were pronounced dead on the scene.

    26220595_933027363527666_1189335055695786323_o. 26733727_343454122789343_4558361132260553815_n. 2. 26229735_933027240194345_2424671468267975760_n. 26733893_1329407813830677_1576236266293484804_n. Clipboard02.
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    SO what's a couple beaners less on this world? Actually, looks like 2 1/2. Kill them BEFORE they can breed.
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    Looks like the overweight wife had an unexpected death pee in the front seat .:huuurp:
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