I hate most children to begin with but I want to take a ball peen hammer to this little fucker's skull (1 Viewer)

Bill M

The Murricane
I was watching the South Park Pandemic Special last night and Build A Bear Workshop was one of the themes so I googled them and this was one of the first videos that came back.

This spoiled spastic has almost 27 million subscribers. Who enjoys watching this horseshit?

Bill M

The Murricane
40 seconds was all I could take.
I had to mute it and then paged through most of it, just an obnoxious little weasel

Ryan's World Net Worth: $120 Million
made 26 Million USD in 2019 lol shit
Get punching...His worth differs depending on where you look....still BIG.

How much do Ryan's parents make?
The mother of Ryan Kaji, 7, who earned $22 million last year through his YouTube channel 'Ryan ToysReview', is a convicted criminal who was jailed for shoplifting.Sep 12, 2019.
When Ryan is 27, he'll be more overweight than he is now, he'll be in talks with his estranged parents lawyers over his banked earnings - he'll be depressed, lonley. Lacking the attention that he's getting right now...

Nice video library of his life though... 🤓
You know the type - been doing their "thing" online for months/years - fucking raking it in. Then one silly move and bam, gotta get a real job like the rest of us... Pretty sweet viewing...

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