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they need strong female guidance obviously



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Kk but my point is those girls are not grown ups and most likely mocking blacks their own age.. Are u ignorant to the way some black youths (under 30) talk? Whats too far about this vid warriorz? Its not hateful or propaganda..
I just shared :|


Avidly prowling for spoil
the thing about these girls and a coupla other flap jaw types that did the same thing, is they go to mostly black schools where everyone knows everyone. death threats ensued, kids had to go into hiding, kicked outa school, vandalism all over their parent's property...yadda yadda.

stoopidity is all. how to fuck up yer life in one easy step that is immortalized on the webz.

ba da bing.


"Racist" and "racism" is not a white or Caucasian only issue,
it's a HUMAN issue.

The world is FULL of black, hispanic, arabic, and asian
people are are racists.

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