If you could get away with kidnapping someone you like,would you do it?Be creative too!


Fun fact: it’s been done before. Had a relative kidnap me when I was less than a year old for 33 days. I don’t remember anything during that time though. Feds got involved. She’s probably out of prison by now. I guess she had a whole litany of other charges too.
Omg, that's horrible. Sorry that happened to you. They (who ever told you) should've maybe never said.
Ignorance is bliss they say.
You were obviously too adorable to resist is all 👼 & that in the Yin/Yang ☯ world can also be a blessing. 🙂
This lady was also a nutter but, aren't authorities supposed to notify you when a nutter that committed a crime against you is released, regardless of time since crime was commited?
I'd like to make Killary Clinton, eat dog shit,and leave her bound and gagged in the middle of Bosnia,so she can see the mess,her and Slick Willy created and got corruptively rich on...