indian penis exercise


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well, this filled my cringe meter... I have no idea why any guy would want to stretch dick around like a elastic band... whats that you say indian dude?
It's for health and meditation?
I call bullshit.. i say that you got bored one day and started playing with your dick and you were like, "hey, look what I can do with my junk"


The Relentless Cynic
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If you want to do something with your dick, because you're bored, here's something more amusing that doesn't involve treating your dick like a balloon animal


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I shit you NOT but this is the real translation of the video:
"you climb on top of me. this mofo does not know how to mount/climb on someone"


What's the number for the P.E.N.I.S - (People against the Elongation of Nether regions and Intromittent organ Stretching) Abuse Hot-line?

I'm reporting this fella!



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That dude has many videos out of him lifting weights with his joint etc. I remember seeing them years ago and he looks exactly the same.