Inmate in hospital after drug stash in vagina ruptures (1 Viewer)

Inmate in hospital after drug stash in vagina ruptures

It makes a handy purse but careful how you stash.

COOS BAY, Ore. - A jail inmate found unconscious and not breathing Tuesday morning after a container of drugs secreted in one of her body cavities ruptured has been upgraded to critical condition from intensive care, the sheriff's office said.

Deputies called an ambulance to the Coos County Jail after a deputy found Amanda M. Colmenero, 22, of Modesto, Calif., unconscious and not breathing in a holding cell. She was taken to Bay Area Hospital by Coquille Ambulance.

Medical staff there removed two containers of what is believed to be meth from Colmenero's vagina, the sheriff's office said.

Coquille police had arrested Colmenero and Matthew Weathers, 28, of Empire, Calif., on Monday on drug-related charges.

Colmenero was in a holding cell in the booking area of the jail overnight before being moved into the general population, the sheriff's office said. A jail deputy discovered Colmenero as staff prepared to move her into the general population.

Sgt. Pat Downing with the Coos County Sheriff's Office said inmates moving into general population are generally subjected to strip and body cavity searches but that the drugs were too far inside Colmenero for jail staff to locate the drugs.

Investigators believe Colmenero stashed the drugs when she was arrested and that some of those drugs got into her system, causing the medical emergency.

She was in intensive care until Wednesday afternoon, when the hospital upgraded her condition to critical.

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I knew a girl that lost her car keys and she would never have found them if not for her mobile ringing and both fell out.


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wuooo stopped breathing.. must be a near death experience.

"ohh i saw a bright light. everything was so clear.. ahh this gonna change me. im going to change my life"

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They would've had to fist her to have found em sooner.

Appropriately named town, Coos Bay, in this case, too.

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