Inside a scam call centre


I never understand why people fall for this shit, I never give out my details, yes I will confirm stuff as they called me, but if I think it’s not a scam, I will call them back (bank) on the number I have but that’s about it,

Although I do like to play every now and then

Microsoft tech, kept on phone for 15 minutes until they found out I have a Mac
Another one I informed them my brother is very good with computers because he works in the cyber fraud squad
And if I’m round my sisters and you are anoying me I pass you over to my autistic nephew who will talk for hours with you about Thomas the tank engine (although it can take a while to work out what he’s talking about)


Indians and Africans are are major scammers try this you tube site the guy who has this you tube site is brillant it's called-Hoax Hotel
I keep going around with the question that they use Windows 7 and Office 2007 for this and.... They will have paid for the license? Or have they used a crack? 🤔