Insidious You (1 Viewer)

Mr. Mayhem

Into the damning all go.
I wonder if you crawled up inside me and tore my heart out
Would you give it back?
What's to become of me?
I just don't know anymore
I'd rather smash in your fucking skull
And watch everything seep outward

You can cry, you can try to hide
It won't make any difference to me
I have something to share with you
This glorious rage and animosity

I watch you from afar and can't help but laugh
Are you still sorry for what you've done?
It's one of those days again, I'm afraid
Who knows anymore
I'd rather break apart your insides
And watch writhe in agony

Enough with the crying, there's no use in hiding
It doesn't make any me
I have something to share with you
My glorious rage and animosity

Thank you for creating me, I have no use for falls tears, and apologies
In the end, you cease to exist, you're only remnants of blood and dust
These knives wrapped my heart comfort me, there's no escape

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