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Interesting "Bizarre ER" finds.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by tenguix, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. tenguix

    tenguix Balls deep in the dead.

    If it's cool, I'll continue to update this thread with gnarly videos from Bizarre ER.

    This lady got gored and dragged by a cow until her jaw essentially separated.
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  2. tenguix

    tenguix Balls deep in the dead.

    This guy got pulled into a machine at work. It was stated in a previous part of the video that his arm was twisted 540 degrees around the corkscrew when the machine jammed.
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  3. OneSickOne

    OneSickOne Kinky as a twisted chain

    Good ones. I enjoyed watching them.
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  4. Airbornemama

    Airbornemama Something Ironic...

    Yes i also enjoyed them, keep posting more.;)
  5. tenguix

    tenguix Balls deep in the dead.

    Guy accidentally saws his hand (almost) completely off:
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  6. tenguix

    tenguix Balls deep in the dead.

    Part 1 is mostly a reenactment of the incident -- a makeshift anchor blasting into this guy's skull. The CT scans shown in this part are unbelievable.
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  7. tenguix

    tenguix Balls deep in the dead.

    This guy severed two fingers and made a mess of the others.

    (You'll probably have to turn your volume up to hear the commentary on this one)
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  8. tenguix

    tenguix Balls deep in the dead.

    This guy snapped his tibia and fibula in half on Christmas :(
    A good portion of the ankle bone is just sticking out through his skin.
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  9. tenguix

    tenguix Balls deep in the dead.

    Lol. I was watching another video and here's where my wi-fi cut out:
    Wicked flattering, yo.
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  10. DxC

    DxC Sanguineous Suicide

    It fits the title though. :lulz:
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  11. tenguix

    tenguix Balls deep in the dead.

    This woman's arm and hand were caught in metal rollers and completely degloved.
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  12. DxC

    DxC Sanguineous Suicide

    Wish the video showed the result of the operation. I've never heard of that being done before. That was a great display of degloving though.
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  13. Honest One


    Better them than me. :D
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  14. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    Yeah, honest, fuckin chokes to be them.:unreal:
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  15. msr

    msr Here pikey pikey, swallow mah cawk.

    Airborne Anchor Annihilated My Skull---

    Heavy Metal Band?
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  16. Deep six in Paradise

    Deep six in Paradise "The truth? You can't handle the truth!"

    Some great stuff, Tenguix!
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