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Intestinal Worms Pulled from body

Discussion in 'Medical' started by Natsu, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Natsu

    Natsu Rookie

    Intestinal worms being pulled from some poor sap's intestinal tract. Not sure if this has been posted before but I didn't see it when searching.

    Does the body look dead to any of you? Can't find a back story.

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  2. _Xtina_

    _Xtina_ Poster girl

    Ewwww- looks like that person is chock full of worms.
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  3. Honest One


    He/she is still alive or there wouldn't be a drop cloth over the area. Some dumbasses actually use them for weight loss.
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  4. Natsu

    Natsu Rookie

    Hmm, true that! ^^

    I guess they'll be losing tons of weight now that they're having their organs removed lolol
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  5. maven

    maven Southern Charm

    didn't watch the video...shit like this makes me gag. get a pretty good picture of the situation by reading the comments.
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  6. Bethy

    Bethy Sometimes life aint fair kiddo!.

    Ive seen this before and I thought it was a kid but i could be wrong :shrug: regaurdless its still gross :blegh:
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  7. MissL

    MissL Lurker

    I saw a video similar to this one on Facebook, of a girl having worms like those removed from her intestine as well...
    Now if you'll excuse me, I'll run to the pharmacy to buy all kinds of anthelmintics... :confused::poison:
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  8. methamphetamine

    methamphetamine I'm beetlejuice baby

    looks like lo mein
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  9. Domino69

    Domino69 In the Prep Room

    No, he's not dead, no one would bother if he was. Also, note the color of the tissue. It's pink, not pale or green/grey.
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  10. The General

    The General "The Dude!"

    man that shit makes me hungry for chinese food now
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  11. missfluffi

    missfluffi Rookie

    Combantrin-Chocolate-Squares-24-tablets-36071. Fuck Me that is nasty, come on people, buy some combantrin, seriously best $15 you'll spend. The thought of this will give me nightmares
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  12. tenguix

    tenguix Balls deep in the dead.

    Oh for fuck's sake... It looks like pad thai, and now I want pad thai.
  13. Béla Kiss

    Béla Kiss I am a Death Addict Reject

    Suddenly I crave spaghetti.
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  14. McM

    McM Krautnigger

    In the 19th century they invented electric chairs and beds to chase the worms out of your intestines. Don't know if it was helpful, but the furnitures are on display in a museum here.
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  15. gandog56

    gandog56 Well Known Member

    That will teach the deader to eat organic shit. Pesticides are used for a REASON!:p
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  16. Totentanz

    Totentanz Lurking Lurker

    One old way of attempting to expel an intestinal worm-

    First you fast for a day. This will make the worm hungry as it is not getting the three daily feastings it was used to gorging on.
    Then You get a steamy hot bowl of broth or soup. But don't eat it.
    You breath in the smelly good vapors, and the worm will wiggle its way up to the food.
    When it reaches the oral or nasal cavity, you grab the worm and gently pull it out.
    Yes. You pull it out of your mouth or nose.

    Of course this wouldn't be very effective for the segment shedding tapeworm, the most common but also most difficult worm to get rid of as most medicines treat hook and roundworm. You must buy a med specifically for it (as I'm sure some pet owners on here have experienced).
  17. gman

    gman Free Shrugs© Administrator

    Another method is the 'Mars Bar, fruitcake & hammer' treatment:
    Day 1: insert Mars Bar and fruitcake into anal cavity.
    Day 2: insert Mars Bar and fruitcake into anal cavity.
    Day 3: insert Mars Bar and wait. Worm pops his head out and asks "where's my fruitcake?
    Pick up hammer and BAM!!!
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  18. nola

    nola kumquat

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