Iranians dancing after Soleimanis' death


part of me dieded when ogrish dieded.
i don't want a war but i guess the u.s. gov't is like "fuck it, its been too long since the last war, guess its about that time again..."


I do not agree to wage a War. As it doesnt benefits anyone. At the end, people are suffering and government used up huge sum of money to rebuild city and used up a lot money especially taxpayers money to make the weapons again. Why human don't learn from the history? there are no Era of humanity where they had wars and attained peace and harmony. Only things left are hatred and disasters. Please wake up ..


Fresh Meat
Of course not, he's in witness protection living it up in Boca Raton
Actually the ring on corpse's finger is only similar, not same as on other pictures of alive Soleimani. There are some slight differences, if you zoom in and look closely.

I bet he is living in Argentina now, with old Adolf. Drinking wine and smoking cigars on balcony of some nice mansion.


Bwahaha this Iranian fuck spent his whole life climbing the Islamic jihad ladder to become basically the head of the military and spooks, secret projects and slush funds, he fought off a lot of very tough competition from other commanders, peers, vying for the affection of the supreme leader, papa Gandalf and his fellow wizards.

And then he gets obliterated by a remote controlled plane operated by a 22 year old wired on mountain dew and hotpockets

Lmao fuck the middle east, bomb it all, brown people are cancer wherever they grow