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I'd say it was skillful. Although what it has to do with death or gore escapes me. I've never found poop particularly gory.
I think it's very creative. Gross, but creative. This guy should be in the next Jackass movie.

The thing he's missing is there's no one around, except the guy filming him and the driver. To take it to the next level you have to shit where everyone can see.
Like the guy that shit diarrhea all over that diner window while that old couple was eating.

Now, that was fucking hardcore.


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I guess it does take a certain amount of skill to do this coz I have to concentrate to take a shit. Not sure I could squeeze one out while riding a skateboard.
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a little of both and in the old CKY videoes that bam did before jackass raab himself to a ton of exlax and went for a run and shit at the same time it was pretty gnarly

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you see how cool you can be when your an adult with tattoos and possibly no job... i mean amazing why i am stuck with a desk job doing the 9-5 when i can be doing something cool like shitting off a skate board :facepalm:

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