ISIS “Cub” Training


My Screw Driver
I wish they would fuck off with that shit music FFS :rage::rambo:

EDIT= would be great if one of the little fuckers accidently shot another one


What a fucking joke. What sad excuses of men for allowing themselves to be put into that situation, like fucking cattle being led to the slaughter, fucking pathetic.
I hear u there friend...I'd b kicking/fighting/biting/gouging out fkn eyeballs;They'd hv to put me down immediately,Cuz there's no fkn way I'm gonna b one of their "Geek Kills" or a fkn "Lush Lamb"...FUCK THAT SHIT !!!...SP
these kids are fucked up by their bosses.
imagine having such a world view at this young age.
childhood is the most important part of your life, it molds you into what you will be later
in this video you can see how victims kill victims