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Dashcam: Man Kicked, Beaten Tased While In Handcuffs​

*Video Edited Down From 20 Minutes*

A Humphreys County man sustained cracked ribs and a punctured lung after he was stripped naked by deputies, beaten and shocked repeatedly with a Taser gun, according to a Wednesday court filing.

The Jan. 23 incident was recorded by video equipment fixed to the vehicle of a Humphreys County Sheriff deputy. Darren T. Ring, 34, of New Johnsonville is requesting to be released from jail, where he has been held in lieu of bond for more than five months..

The incident occurred after Humphreys County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of gunshots in Waverly. Ring was not arrested for firing the shots but was drunk when deputies arrived, reports show. In a grand jury indictment, Ring was charged with resisting arrest, three counts of assaulting an officer and a parole violation.

The dashcam video shows deputies repeatedly telling Ring to stop resisting arrest while he is laying facedown in the snow with at least two deputies on top of him. Deputy James McCord wrote in his incident report that Ring kicked him in the testicles, poked him in the eye and tried to grab a fellow deputy’s firearm.

“He (Ring) was extremely violent towards all the deputies trying to restrain him,” the incident report states. “He was continuously kicking and spitting on the deputies.”

On the video a half-naked Ring is held down and intermittently kicked and struck with a baton for approximately 10 minutes.

Later, a Waverly Police Department officer responds to the scene as well. At that point, an incapcitated Ring is shocked repeatedly with a Taser while deputies instruct him to roll over on his stomach. In the video Ring says he can’t roll over. His attorney, Public Defender Jake Lockert, said his client was unable to move because of repeated Taser shots.

“The defendant had committed no crime,” the motion states, “was not advised that he was being arrested for any crime, and was not charged with any crime until after the officers had beaten him and had to charge the defendant in an attempt to justify or cover up their own criminal conduct of aggravated assault on the defendant.”

A spokeswoman for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation confirmed it was forwarded the case for investigation.

Ring has also hired prominent Nashville attorney David Raybin for a possible civil suit. Raybin said his client may pursue civil action once the criminal charges against Ring are resolved.

“I”m not going to speculate why the deputies acted this way,” said Raybin, a former prosecutor and attorney for the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police. “Never in my 35 years have I seen anything like it, especially when you consider how long Mr. Ring was kicked, beaten with a baton and tasered.”

In his motion, Lockert asked that Ring be released from Humphreys County jail where he has been held in lieu of bond since his January arrest. The motion requested “that all charges should be dropped because the defendant committed no crime and, even if he had committed some crime, he was punished so severely that jeopardy should attach and bar further prosecution.”

Ring has had previous arrests including a recent driving under influence charge.

A spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office said further details could not be released because of the investigation. The officers in question have not been suspended, the spokeswoman said.
The Edmonton shop owner in the video confronted another man in the alley behind his business on Sunday August 28, who assaulted one of his employees a few days earlier. The man in the alley got pissed off and spiteful and called police.

The police arrived and the 60-year-old shop owner, who was unarmed, did what the cops asked him was not resisting arrest when they attacked him without reason. Thanks to the video surveillance, this incident is under investigation.

abuse of power. cops suck like that. i had one display abuse of power to me too. they suck......

I hate it when some uniform tries to treat me like a kid, they seem to forget that the older we get the more we know.

But on the other hand thank you jesus that I dont gotta deal with american cops. the majority of them seem to be off the hook !


silent ghost
I hate it when some uniform tries to treat me like a kid, they seem to forget that the older we get the more we know.

But on the other hand thank you jesus that I dont gotta deal with american cops. the majority of them seem to be off the hook !

yea they are. those are the ones who got beat up all the time as a kid. now its the ones comming home from the war. some think theyre still there!


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teachers make shit money for the bullshit they have to put up with.
me,i think id be a cool have no problem with some kids smokin some weed and shit. thats petty stuff. id be a vigilante type cop. a scumbag gets freed on some stupid technicality or fucking loophole,im seeking you out....
i say that to my wife all the time,and she agrees with me, and that she thinks im that type to do so. she always says id make a good cop,with the military "kill" mentality....
Cop Fired For Excessive Force​

A mid-Missouri police officer has been fired for what his chief says was excessive force against a man in a holding cell.Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton announced the firing Wednesday without naming the officer. But patrol officer Rob Sanders later issued a statement saying he had been cleared by an internal investigation and would fight his dismissal through the appeal process.
The firing resulted from an Aug. 15 incident, shown on surveillance video, in which an officer shoved a man against the concrete wall of a holding cell. The man hit his head, and blood can be seen on the officer's arm.
Burton says two other officers were investigated for failing to seek adequate medical care for the man, but neither has been placed on leave.



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cocksucker needs that to happen to him. i hope he looses his job for good and cant be a cop anywhere. let him feel the wrath of this shitty jobless economy! fuckin prick....


makes me truly sad to see cops do this, especially to the old man. They had no reason to use force in any of these vids.. there was no weapon presented and they were listening...

A man found unresponsive in a jail cell after fighting with deputies at a Phoenix jail died this week after being taken off life support. The Maricopa County sheriff's office released surveillance video Friday that captured Ernest Atencio's scuffle with officers.

Atencio's family was exploring a possible lawsuit against the embattled Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, said Michael Manning, a Phoenix attorney who has won five wrongful death lawsuits against the department.

Manning said Atencio's family took him off life support Tuesday. He said the 44-year-old man had no brain activity from the moment he arrived at the hospital Friday, did not have alcohol or drugs in his system and had marks from a stun gun on his body.

Latino activists say that Atencio's death raises more questions about practices under Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio's office said Wednesday afternoon that it had no immediate comment on the issue but planned to make a formal statement within two days.

A Justice Department investigation released last week found that Arpaio's office committed wide-ranging civil rights violations against Latinos, including a pattern of racial profiling and heavy-handed immigration patrols based on racially charged complaints. A defiant Arpaio has called the allegations a politically motivated attack by the Obama administration.

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