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It's not in the protocols:

The family of a Chicago victim killed in an auto accident has filed a lawsuit claiming police officers took her clothes off & took pictures of her naked body.

20 year old Jessica Mejia died in a car crash driven by her boyfriend. The car spun out of control & hit a pole before rolling into a ditch.

The lawsuit claims that the police from the Cook County Sheriff's office stripped Mejia's body in plain site & took several photos of her on the side of the road, which isn't required by protocol. The department spokesman Steve Patterson denied the accusations & said the department "never before heard of the bizarre scenario this lawsuit describes".

More than $200,000 has been filed for "severe & extreme distress".

Source - FOX News

Lord SS

"More than $200,000 has been filed for "severe & extreme distress""
It's a joke right? damn lazy scumfucks, too lazy to get a job , so they demand compensation... pfff sad society

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