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silent ghost

For just over 125 years, the mystery of the Jack the Ripper serial murders has been fodder for books, movies and periodic re-openings of the unsolved cases. But after years of investigation, a retired detective is confident he has finally found the culprit behind some, if not all, of the killings attributed to the infamous "Jack."
Past attempts to identify the man who supposedly terrorized London in the late 19th century have implicated artist Vincent Van Gogh, Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll and even relatives of Queen Victoria. But retired homicide detective Trevor Marriott says that after 11 years of investigation, he believes German merchant sailor Carl Feigenbaum committed an unknown number of the murders.



That is the biggest hunk of shit I have ever heard !!!! I don't know how many cases that spastic detective was supposed to have solved but as an avid Ripper Fan , I'm glad he is retired so he does lock up an innocent people . Some people just can't help but try and get five minutes of fame , regardless of how stupid it makes them appear .
Just look at Mylee Cypress ............. oh ....... hang-on ............. she's done a naked video clip......... she is sooooooooooooooooo forgiven !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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