Be happy⚕

Vacant, Composed
Free style Jazz should be banned forever!
I unashamedly rank
Ornette Coleman - free jazz
John Coltrane - ascension
The necks - unfold
Sons of khemet - your queen is a reptile

As some of the greatest records ever conceived..
Sun Ra and the archestra

Amazing stuff
I will accept the hate lol

Be happy⚕

Vacant, Composed
Eh Graz, I've a feeling it'll either not be your style or you'll know em

But Kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble have made some really really interesting music, not strictly jazz.. but the "from the stairwell" album (cotard delusion has a special place on my heart) and the mutations EP are well worth checking

And for something a bit more along these lines, the necks (I mentioned above) are really good aswell.. unfold is a near perfect rendition of psychedelic psychosis lol really beautiful though

Loved this man! You've purged dickhead from upstairs' radio 1 from my soul
I'd resorted to listening to gutalax..

(Little women's - throat IV is pretty good too but fucking wild and kinda heavy)

Be happy⚕

Vacant, Composed
Urgh the slap bass is filth incarnate
Just yes.. more of that
The drummer's a pretty fly cat too :/
Better go find a beret
10:00 - 10:54
I sport a Great big Cheshire cat grin