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Uploaded by NTDTV on 30 May 2011
Well if you've ever dream of flying like a bird, New Zealand inventor Glenn Martin may be able to help. Recently, Martin flew his shoulder-mounted jetpack -- higher than any jetpack has flown before. Let's take a look at this amazing aircraft.

It's soaring at 5,000 feet above New Zealand's Canterbury Plains, going at a height never reached by any other jetpack before.

This is the Martin Jetpack, invented by Glenn Martin.

[Glenn Martin, Inventor]:
"No jetpack, whether it's manned or unmanned, has been higher than about 150 feet."

This jetpack uses two "super-fans." The two fans generate a one hundred eighty-six miles per hour rush of air to create lift.

The jetpack doesn't need rocket fuel. Instead, it uses ordinary gasoline to power its 2 liter, V4 engine.

Unlike conventional aircraft, this jetpack can fly close to trees, next to cliffs, and between buildings.

[Glenn Martin, Inventor]:
"You can get into places you can't go. You can use it for search and rescue operations that you couldn't do in a helicopter."

The jetpack undergoes a first high-altitude test. It's being controlled remotely, and with a crash-test dummy in the hot seat.

Also being tested is a rocket powered parachute, in case of engine failure.

Martin has been working on his jetpack concept for 30 years. It began as garage project.

Now, it has received venture capital funding, with the intention of taking it into mass production.

The Martin Aircraft Company hopes the jetpack will retail for around USD $49,000.

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