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Little collection of Gacy art I collected off the net. Supposedly there are 70 total Gacy paintings. Here are a few..​


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I heard that the picture of him with the pine trees behind him has some significant meaning. The cops thought it had something to do with the burial of someof his victims but he would never tell anyone what it meant. The one he did of Elvis is creepy as fuck! Actually, all of his art is creep! The only good one is the Manson drawing, that one is kinda cool. Thanks for sharing. There is a place I found once where you can buy serial killer art work. How this guy gets his pictures I don't know but hey all seem to be authentic.


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Nice AOD! There is another member on here who also collects and has alot of artwork by Gacy. He gave me A recipe from A serial killer for guacamole, it was delicious!


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I'm not surprised he drew evil he was an ass clown himself(and then some). His art looks fairly juvenile and disturbed to me.
The third clown looks like penny wise.

I like the hitler one best, not for the subject matter but just fo the style. Reminds me of the Alfred Hitchcock show.

Edit...been a while since I've seen penny wise. Looked it up. That clown IS penny wise.
I started digging around just to see if gacy always has a hand raised in his self portraits, and the answer is almost.

Two i saw that didnt were pogo with the seven dwarfs, and one of him as gacy, pogo with no wig, and pogo with a wig, all standing side by side. The middle pogo had his hand down. I still wonder what's up with the hand. I also found an Ed gein and a JFK by gacy, the JFK one is probably his best as far as skill is concerned.

I found this, too. Artwork by all sorts of killers. Really cool shit!



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pretty cool collection to me some have some good d
rawing skill but their disturbed minds go off on to sleazy sexual drawings instead of purdy landscapes its funnies...nnice link bro

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