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Sentenced to death for killing thirty three boys between 1972 and 1978, Gacy holds the record in America for the greatest number of murder convictions. After fourteen years on Death Row, he was executed on 10 May 1994.

Gacy served a prison sentence 1968 for committing sodomy but could not curb his sexual perversions. He worked at various times for the Kentucky Fried Chicken organization, as a shoe salesman and then a building contractor. In 1971, he moved into a house in Norwood Park, a suburb of Chicago, which provided a base for his contracting business.

In 1972, he married a second time and, during that summer, his wife complained of the smell coming from the crawl space beneath the house. He put lime down to neutralize the smell which he attributed to a broken sewer pipe. His wife left him in 1976 at a time when a found a role in community, performing as Pogo the Clown at charity functions.

In January 1978, a serious charge was made against Gacy, a nineteen year old boy told the police that he had been abducted from the street at gunpoint by Gacy and raped by him. Charges were not pursued because Gacy said he had made a deal with the boy who only complained because he had not been paid. But the net was drawing closer and, in December 1978, police with a search warrant arrived at Gacy's home. The parents of a missing boy reported that their son said he had a job with a contractor called Gacy.

While in the house, one of the officers, who had worked in a mortuary, detected a familiar smell coming up through the forced air-heating system. In the crawl space underneath the house, searchers found the remains of seven boys and eight more bodies were disinterred from the garden. Of the thirty three boys that Gacy killed, only twenty four were identified.

He trawled the streets for boys to satisfy his sexual needs. He handcuffed and tortured them before committing deviate sexual acts and finally strangling them. He sometimes passed himself off as a police officer even to the extent of putting a flashing light on his car roof.

according to the police, he confessed to his crimes, but Gacy later refutted this. He refused to give evidence at his trial in 1980 where a plea of insanity was pleased on his behalf. the jury convicted him and demanded the death penalty. In 1984, the US supreme Court confirmed his sentance and he remained on Death Row. He spent his time painting and drawing and wrote an account of his trail called A question Of Doubt. He maintained that he had not confessed to murders.

On 10 May 1994, John Wayne Gacy was executed by lethal injection at Stateville Correctional Center, Illinois. He was fifty two years of age. demonstrators outside the prison, some dressed as clowns, mocked him at his moment of death, chanting 'Justice, Justice, Not Too Late- John Wayne Gacy Meet Your Fate.' two businessmen were reported to have spent $7000 buying up Gacy's paintings so they they could be consigned to a bonfire for the satisfaction of his victims' relatives.





















Gacy Victim Search: Chicago Housing Complex Warrant Approved By County Prosecutors

This 1978 file photo shows serial killer John Wayne Gacy. (AP Photo/File)
CHICAGO -- Detectives who have long wondered if John Wayne Gacy killed others besides the 33 young men he was convicted of murdering may soon get to search for bodies underneath an apartment complex where his late mother once lived, a law enforcement official said Saturday.
Frank Bilecki, a spokesman for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, confirmed a Chicago Sun-Times report that Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez agreed to ask a judge for a warrant to search the housing complex on the city's Northwest Side. Such requests for search warrants are routinely approved.
Dart has been pushing Alvarez's office for months to sign off on the warrant, but Bilecki said the sheriff's office was asked for more evidence. Dart's office then found records showing that Gacy, a contractor, had done handyman work at the complex, and it located witnesses whose sworn affidavits raised intriguing questions about Gacy's activities there.
"These people in their affidavits stated that he was seen at odd hours doing odd jobs around the building," said Bilecki.
Bilecki said that investigators would bring in high-tech thermal imaging devices that detect that detect underground anomalies indicating something may have been buried. At the same time, searchers would bore holes in the ground and have FBI cadaver dogs sniff the holes' openings for the scent of human remains.
"It should initially be a pretty non-invasive (search)," said Bilecki, adding that the search could become much more involved if the initial search indicates any sign of human remains.
A search would be the latest twist in one of the most terrifying crime sprees in American history, one that ended when investigators discovered 29 bodies buried in the crawlspace of Gacy's Chicago-area home and yard in the 1970s. Gacy, who was arrested in 1978, convicted in 1980 and executed in 1994, has been the subject of countless articles and books, as well as at least one movie.
Gacy's case has remained in the headlines thanks largely to Dart, who has been trying to identify the remains of still unknown victims and who has voiced questions about whether there may be victims whose remains either haven't been found or haven't been linked to one of the most notorious serial killers in American history.
A few weeks ago, the sheriff's department announced it was submitting the DNA of Gacy and other condemned murderers who were executed in Illinois to a national database in the hopes of clearing the coldest of cold cases across the country. Detectives say that because Gacy traveled extensively, he may have killed people in other locations.
Dart previously exhumed for DNA testing the remains of young men whose bodies were found in Gacy's crawlspace but never identified, an effort that led to the identification of one of the young men.
The apartment complex was searched in 1998, and more than a dozen underground anomalies were located, but for whatever reason, not all of those sites were investigated further, Bilecki said.,serial-killers


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Gacy shaking hands with then First Lady Rosalynn Carter at the 1978 Polish Freedom Day parade, about 7 months before police started digging up the bodies that were buried under his home.

A couple of Gacy's business cards.



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This man is CREEPY as fuck, even when he's NOT in his clown make-up! And he may have had 33 convictions for murder but the record holder is Gary Leon Ridgeway with 49 convictions in the good ol' U.S.of A!! ;)


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one off my fav killers he was good friends with gg allin and his brother merle gg visiting gasy in prison

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