Jose Vicente Matias


Jose Vicente Matias

Alias: "Corumbá"
Rating: Serial Murderer
Features: Rapist
Number of victims: 6
Activity Period: 1999 - 2005
Detention Date: March 29, 2005
Date of birth: September 24, 1966
Profile victims: Natalia Canhas Carneiro, 15 / Simone Lima Pinho, 26 / Lidiane Vieira de Melo, 16 / Rakitov Katryn, 29 / Maryanne Kern, 49 / Nuria Fernandez Collada, 27
Method of murder: Beating with sticks and stones - Cold steel
Location: Goiás / Minas Gerais / Bahia / Maranhao, Brazil
Status: Sentenced to 23 years in prison June 2, 2008

This craft peddler is a serial murderer Brazilian, 39, who managed to win attractive women that after killing the "first past entities and the devil" in his statements. According to the delegate general of police in the state of Maranhao, Nordman Riveiro "is a mental patient, a madman who came to drink the blood of their victims."

After being captured on March 29, 2005, Matias confessed death of Israeli nationalized Russian Katrya Ratikov, missing since 2004 in the state of Goias and the murder of Brazilian Natalia Carneiro, 15; Simone Lima Pinho, 26, and Lidiane Vieira de Melo, 16.

Matthias, who lived in San Luis, killed there in the last two victims: the 11 March the German Anne Marie Kern, 49, and 18 March, the Spanish Nuria Fernandez, and both women were raped, beaten with stones and sticks in your head and then semi buried in sand at two distant beaches Marañón.

Matthias, who said wanted to execute a seventh victim, "a white woman, blonde and young", showed no sign of repentance and underwent psychiatric studies to develop your personality profile and establish the motives for the crimes. In their statements Matias said that several of the women had mocked him and that's why he killed them. According to police, Matthias is helpless and became violent when he failed in bed.

Craftsman Brazilian confesses serial killings

May 2005

Although serial murderers are unusual in Brazil, interestingly the last two that have come to light, in a short space of time, we have touched the police of San Luis (Maranhao) and Pará. Three months after Rodrigues de Brito became the biggest mass murderer in Brazil with his confession in San Luis, a new course arrested serial murderer who, although much less killed, has become more famous internationally because among its victims were tourists. A José Vicente Matías, a craftsman of 38 years, Firminópolis (Goiás), which they call "Corumbá" or "Magrao", was arrested on March 29 in Bragança (Pará), in an operation in which police also collaborated San Luis.

Corumbá confessed to killing six women between 1999 and 2005 because, according to his version, the devil whispering in his ear that he should kill seven women. He said tourists killed because she was xenophobic, because foreigners were to mock his country for the Brazilians. He had been arrested on another occasion for sexual assault and had an arrest warrant in his home state for violent rape and indecent assault.

Corumbá began with local teenagers, until he was given by foreign hippies. Usually the girls dazzled, with whom he used to have sex before killing them. At first he said he killed a German woman and a Spanish tourist because they refused to have sex. Later he added that these two women had laughed at him and had rejected after he tried to have sex, but failed due to their impotence problems. With this clarification Corumbá becomes a powerless alleged rapist murderer in a long list of sex offenders who suffer from this dysfunction.

Victims by the confession of Corumbá

Natalia Canhas Carneiro, 16, died in Tres Marias (MG) ​​in September 1999. The alleged murderer said after seducing the teenager killed by stoning. His body was found a month later hiding in the vegetation.

Simone Pinho, craft 25. She was killed in June 2000 in Lençóis (Bahia), with the same system. The body has not yet appeared. Her mother created the national NGO "Simone Pinho" in charge of looking for missing and help their families and has a TV show. Corumbá said the girl had a parrot and ate it after kill. Actually, Simone had a parakeet but the data seems to confirm that the craft was one of his victims. (The remains of the bird appeared in a bag of Simone in a river). In his case, he said he killed her because she took away customers.

Lidiayne Vieira de Melo, 16, was stabbed to death in Goiania in January 2004. Corumbá said had kidnapped two days before killing her and cutting off his head. Met Lidiayne arrested a month before his death because he wanted to do two tattoos, as a friend of the victim.

Katria Ratikov, 29, disappeared in December 2004 in Pirinópolis. It was a Russian tourist, Israeli nationalized. Sometimes he says that the girl was an alcoholic, who took a blow to the head while walking down the field, and others, who killed with stones.

Marianne Kern, 39. It was a German who had more than ten years living in Brazil. His body was found half buried in Barreirinhas (Maranhao) in March 2005.

Nuria Fernandez Collada, 27 Spanish tourists. The killed in Alcantara (Maranhao) in March 2005. A boatman took them to a beach inaccessible. When I went to pick the girl was missing and called the police sailor, who was already on his trail for the death of German.

We study the possible relationship with other disappearances Corumbá.

The murderer of a Spanish tourist in Brazil says he committed the crime because he was 'rejected'

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The alleged perpetrator of the murder of Spanish Nuria Fernandez Collada and at least one tourist has been arrested in Brazil in the Amazonian state of Pará and acknowledged that killed women because, he says, he refused.

This is José Vicente Matías, a craft peddler, who said the two women murdered because he refused, according to unofficial confession provided to the commissioner Paulo Marcio Tavares da Silva, head of arrest.

The craftsman, 39, known as "Corumbá" was located thanks to an anonymous tip at an inn of Braganza, a small town inside Amazon Pará and where he had hidden after fleeing the neighboring state of Maranhao.

Serial Murderer

Matthias has been accused of murdering the Spanish Nuria Fernandez Collada, 27 natural and Valencia, and Germany's Anne Marie Kern, 49, who lived in Brazil for a decade.

It also investigates any liability where the possible death of the Israeli Katryb Ratikov naturalized Russian, 29 last year and disappeared in the state of Goiás.

"Corumbá" escaped in 1998 from a prison in Goiás, where he was serving time for rape and "violent indecent".

The beach, the scene of the murders

The Spanish body was found naked and semi buried in sand on a beach near Alcantara, the coastal city in the state of Maranhao.

Ten days earlier, on another beach Marañón, in similar circumstances and with signs of having been beaten with a blunt object in the head, was found on the German body.

In his statement to the police officer, Mathias said he had sex with the two victims before killing them, but did not specify whether they consented or were forced, and added that he was under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs when he committed the crimes.

According to the statements of the Commissioner that captured him, the detainee said he killed the foreign pieces of wood he found on beaches where led to the argument that would show beautiful places in the country.

They met at an inn for backpackers

"Corumbá", according to the police report, said he met the Spanish in a hostel for backpackers in San Luis, the capital of Maranhao, and that very day the trip scheduled for Alcantara.

Several witnesses reported seeing the couple on Sunday March 20 on a boat traveling towards Itatinga beach, near Alcantara and that "Corumbá" returned alone.

As the defendant acquired the bus fare to the city of Belem, Para state capital, before traveling with the Spanish to Alcantara, the police suspect that the murder was premeditated.

The alleged killer was identified after the location of a Brazilian who had a relationship with him and as I was missing, it was feared that he had also been killed.

The Brazilian Valeria Augusto Veloso was found Tuesday in Goiania, capital of Goias state, and acknowledged that he had an affair with "Corumbá", whom he met four years ago and accompanied him on trips to various places.

He argued, however, that a few weeks ago, when his companion began to show violent behavior, abandoned in the city of Barreirinhas in Marañón and where was found the body of German.

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias

Jose Vicente Matias