Joy Division


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I saw half a gig they did in my city many moons ago the atmosphere is what I remember most you just knew something was happening with this band,to be totally honest it was my mate who was into them I hadn’t actually heard of them until that night and because of one fuck up and another we missed the first half but I still remember it vividly now.


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Love that song, I reckon this song is telling you he was possessed. I reckon that a lot of schizoid people are. I knew this guy who was schizo, And he told me he had 13 voices in his head and three are the executives who made the final decisions. I said to him... What happens if those three don't agree... And I could see him wig out instantly. Time to go....


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New Order is great.
But Ian Curtis is still the man.
The bands are completely different. Joy Division w/ Ian Curtis was my favorite band of any genre.

New Order sans Ian Curtis is a decent new wave band, but beyond that isn't anything special to me.

What made Joy Division different and ahead of their time was the organic feeling of the music. It felt alive, and Ian was the heart and soul of the band. When he died, the band died. Listening to New Order just reminds me of how great Joy Division was, but would be no more.

I see Joy Division as the greatest band that never was. Cut short. We don't know what they would have been later on. Similar to Kurt Cobain or Tupac Shakur.

My favorite JD song is "Ceremony", the demo version with Ian Curtis.