Jumper crimescene examination


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Looks to me like her tooth is chipped like she maybe was punched in the face and 'maybe' thrown from the building, all a guess but it looks strange to me?



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This is why I like Chinese Coroners. Doesn't matter how the victim dies, either she fell from a highrise, hit by a car, drown, poisoned or whatever cause of death. The vagina is always thoroughly inspected.

Coroner ( as he arrives at the scene): What happened?
Eye witness: Suicide bomber, probably premature detonation. Her body parts are all over the place
Coroner ( as he puts on his gloves ): Let's find her vagina shall we?


my chinese isn't the best, but what i got is: I hope my body will be cremated after death and put the ashes on top of mountain. If not, then burry into mountain. this way I at least [can't read] ... because many reasons, can't bother to say them all something something. Mostly I am sorry to my grandparents. Don't tell them, because it will make them sad. they are already over 80 and I don't want to cause them more sadness/trouble?, just tell them I [don't know the meanings of the words].