Jumps to death (general thread)



His page - Pasja Netsjaev

Google translate :
In the Perm region, a teenager fell from the 8th floor, smashing his head on the visor of the entrance.

On August 29, the body of Pavel Nechaev was found under the windows of a multistory building in Lysva. Schoolboy died on the spot.

“At the end of the work shift, around 4:00 pm, we received a call from an eyewitness,” a source in the Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations Lysva told 59.ru. - The woman said that in the opening window of the porch on the eighth floor is a teenager.

We acted according to the instructions. Arriving at the place (Victory Avenue), the senior lifeguard immediately went up to the eighth floor. He tried to talk to the boy. But the tragedy occurred at a time when downstairs other rescue workers began to pump up a special trampoline, the so-called cube of life. The pillow is filled with air in just 3-5 minutes, but the rescuers did not have time.

Add, according to the regional SU SKR, a teenager was raised in a prosperous family. Now appointed forensic examination.