Just brought a new CD ?

We all like our music here, so I thought we could tell each other what we just got and if its any good.

It dont matter if you bought it, stole it, burnt it or downloaded it or even if its a live DVD.

Tell us what you think of it.

I brought these yesterday . . . .. . .

Jet- Shaka Rock, not a bad cd from start to finish, even if it does sound a bit the same

Alice in Chains - Black gives way to blue, it may have been the big come back cd but I only got halfway thru it b4 it all sounded like a lot of A I C cd's. If your a fan you'll prolly like it.

The Stokes - Angles, good cd all the way thru great to have just in the back ground if you got stuff to do.

Pearl Jam - 20 DVD docco, I've always been a big fan of this lot and see them every time they in town. Great movie and CD, if your a fan get this.

Your turn guys . .. . . . . .


Twisted Sister Live at the Marquee

while they never gave us any music that broke any new area's. Live they were fucking great and this cd has one of the best raps Dee has ever gave to a crowd and us. Great cd.

Become a jumping fist throwing motherfucker . . . . .

El Camino The Black Keys good follow up to the huge "Brothers" album worth buying without a listen if you are a fan. But they are getting a bit commercial with this one and it's the second album produced by Danger Mouse so I'm gonna blame him for an album thats good and not great. He's gotta go . . . . ..

Dire Straits, Dire Straits what can ya say great record so were the 3 that followed but then . . . . . . . i cant even start to say how fucked up some of the stuff they released towards the end was. Saw them live with the Tunnel of Love tour Brilliant gig.

Kasabian, Velociraptor atm I'm gonna sit on the fence with this, have given it only a few listens and It's a bit slow for me not enough rockin' guitar, might get better with age.

Made in Germany 1995 - 2011, Rammstien double pack, a best of cd and a remix cd. the remix cd aint all that great.


Elton John greatest hits Australian tour edition. b4 u start slinging shit at me it was a xmas present. I got nothing to say about this poof.



is a ghoul
Korn, The Path of Totality. initially i didn't think much of this album- didn't dislike it, per se, but it definitely wasn't at the top of my most played list. but now that i've listened to it a little more, i kinda like it.



Fresh Meat
Just got Blakroc, Devildriver: Beast, Immortal Technique: The Martyr, Arson Anthem: Insecurity Notoriety. Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks: Heartsick, Black Flag: Family Man, THE DWARVES ARE BORN AGAIN, and Hank III & The Damn Band: Live In Scotland.


Not CDs since my teens... think I shd go out & get one just to reminisce.

As for the above, Korn & Strokes are :tu:


i bought 'better of la peste' from amazon for 15$ including shipping. such a good album.

i basically bought it for 1 song so exclusive it's not even on the internet. it's so cool.