Kamikaze cars crossing the border from Spain - Morocco (1 Viewer)


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Kamikaze cars crossing the border from Spain - Morocco
The official camera images testify what happened. The first assault happened last week just before twelve o'clock at the office of Beni-Enzar. A Mercedes with German number plates bent, approached the border control by the Moroccan side, tried to intercept the vehicle but it jumped. The Spanish police were alerted and tried to shut the metal doors of the passage, there was no time. The car uprooted getting the opposite direction. Aboard were eleven sub-Saharan tourism canned. The Civil Guard intercepted 150 meters, and in the Autonomous City.

The episode was repeated on Sunday at 7.40 am, sources said Interior, in passing Farhana. The same method, the same risk and the same mad dash. Ten other immigrants were intercepted in Melilla. In late January there was another case, the first of the series 'kamikaze'.

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