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A circulating video documented the moment a child fell from the second floor on the head of a girl in a commercial complex in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The clip, which was documented by surveillance cameras in the Baghdad center in the Zayouna area, shows how the child was clinging to the escalator as he climbed, and ended up falling on top of the girl, who had received a severe injury and knocked her unconscious.



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That's why you don't wear earbuds while staring at your phone in public, sure the kid is retard but so does she lol.


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Fucking little brat fuck ! …. I would picked him right back up make sure he could stand of course….and put him right back on that mother fucking escalator in the same way! and make him fall and hit the ground like he was supposed to !!!!! …..the way nature intended ! Amen 🙏🏻