Kid Soldiers


totally shitposter, with Dunning–Kruger effect
Kid Soldiers of WW II

This thread is about the military use of kids (underage) as soldiers during the World War II, by the Nazi, mostly, even thou the russian Red Army had them too but i dont have any photos of them.

The first prisoner captured soon after the allied massive bombings of Marigny, France. In the Photo, Georg Eidloth, a 16 year old Fallschirmjäger sniper, taken prisoner by the americans, escorted by a Corporal Alex H. Kapitanski.

Young Nazi soldiers taken prisoner and as seen in the photo, marching to the prisoner camp.

a Mufti from Jerusalem, Amin al-Husayni giving explanation to a young soldier, Handschar, November 1943.

Young Hitlerjugends captured by the Red Army in Berlin, 1945.

Another 3 Hitlerjugends in Bergstadt having somekind of fun with their captors, April 1945.


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totally shitposter, with Dunning–Kruger effect


totally shitposter, with Dunning–Kruger effect

Anti Aircraft crew of Luftwaffe cried after getting captured by the allied. Giessen, German, spring 1945.

Two soldiers, one wounded and the other one died, March 24th - 31th 1945. They were very surprised to find out that the closer they got to Berlin, the more soldiers (and younger too) they met defending the Nazis.

A young German soldier cried while receiving treatment from american GI.

Kurt Fischer, a young german fleet crew (reserve). He was awarded an Iron Cross (Iron Cross 2nd Class (Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse) for his bravery.


X father in law was in German army during ww 2 ( 15 years old)..He was told by his commander that the black American soldiers were cannibals and would eat him if he was captured ...He fought till the end LOL ....he was wounded and the red cross took him because of his youthfull appearance ( he told them he was 13 ) He still hates niggers to this day LOL


totally shitposter, with Dunning–Kruger effect
most of them were Hitlerjugend.. not surprising huh? the scum very surprised the luftwaffe / kriegsmarine did use them too..

im loling at people claiming that ss were one of the best military groups... NO they were one of the best military race recruited group and one of the most vicious. they were notable as guards.. death camp guards lol fucking security guards

they had nothing to do with germany military advances . it was the wermacht and luftwaffe , people like guderian rommel von manstein gave germany military a good name.. not the ss LOL im sick of them


totally shitposter, with Dunning–Kruger effect
i did recall a scene from the movie Downfall.. about kid soldiers.. i never thought that would be real...




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