Kids find and a dead body and............


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I'd say it's real. When they cut off the ear, it exposed some of the subfatty tissues. Since they are idiots, they couldn't cut through the wrist and were stuck on the bone (if done right, you can slice through it one simple motion). Body was already dead, so no blood would have came out from any of that.


Laughing out loud.

Here's the story.

Vile history

"Akademovskie molotochniki" were young neo-Nazis

Author: Bert CORK

And so they were caught! After four months of fear in Akademgorodok finally calm reigned. People stopped startled look after each other. Nothing else does not threaten anybody. But the relief did not come. At night, from the fifth to the sixth "molotochniki were detained in his apartment of an employee of CCA OM-2. Sixth over all of the Academy was a cloudless sky. The only thing the public wanted - that she was shown her own face to face.And on the evening news of all local television stations we saw them in the flesh - not as a blurred shadow behind him before striking. And then everything shook. People do not hate them - it's hard to hate the two pimply skinny teens who do not even look at their eighteen. Unable to forgive them - everyone knows how and what they did.Aback - that's how you can describe the feeling of people. Something wrong with this world, if yesterday's children are killed without reason and with inhuman cruelty, and then with silly giggles cheap penknife trying to dismember the body - not in order to conceal the crime, and just for fun ...

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In search of a bloody maniac out the combined forces of police and public.

Photo by: Dmitry Dmitriev

Video recording

Tuesday night turned into the strong point man. It was about ten o'clock at night, just a shift change took place: a report handed over day-shift and night Ososhnik (staff quickly, detective department) had not yet arrived from the OM-2 on patrol after Academic instruction. The man approached the young policeman Maxim Hamster and handed digital camera. Looking at a three-minute record, the district quickly asked the man and alerted staff OM-2.
A few days ago a man had borrowed a camera Nikita Lytkin who was his relative. Now they say that young people are given a camera, forgetting to erase the record, but "Irkutsk reporter managed to find out the reason why the entry was not removed from the camera's memory. Borrowed before the camera, the young thugs in the evening on April 3 at her rented their humiliation over the corpse of a murdered woman. And the next morning, the camera suddenly urgently needed for its owner, he took her mother's boy, who was at that time was not home.
The man checked the camera's memory and found a video on which was filmed his young cousin, who, with jokes and laughter mocking the corpse of a woman: to cut with a knife to her ear, after fastidiously wrapped around his hand a plastic bag, trying to saw off the brush by the handle sticks a knife in the eye, nose, cuts from one ear to his mouth.
On videotape had been identified two residents of Akademgorodok - a student of the Irkutsk Medical University Artem Anoufriev and actually Nikita Lykov, according to the district, the student is a vocational college where he attended after grade 9, but by the time these events have left him. Both - the graduates of the school № 19, living in neighboring houses at the stop "University".
Opera CCA rushed to the detention without preliminary preparation, the crowd - rose up and went. There were about twenty people, so it is difficult to determine who exactly was arrested on the first murderer. Half an hour later an amateur extreme videos sitting in the OM-2. His accomplice, he passed before he said "hello". A few minutes later they brought the second - luckily, both the helper was at home. In the OM-2 arrived employees of the Investigative Committee, but even before they appear on duty operas just twenty minutes of conversation, without coercion, without much questioning, the teenagers confessed to all the killings and attacks that occurred in Akademgorodok in the last few months. By midnight they had confessed under the protocol.
Search in their apartments lasted until four o'clock in the morning. Was seized a knife, which was committed last offense. Was it found the same hammer - Representatives of the Investigative Committee for some reason hold back. According to unofficial information, it is known that the detainees are recognized in all - including the murder of a child to ride in the beginning of winter in snegokate, whom they had allegedly beaten with baseball bats. They say that just today they have described approximately sixteen episodes of attacks and killings, some of which did not pass on bulletins police.
Reliability of their testimony should confirm investigative experiments at the crime scene. Today they are charged with four murders: employee of the Institute of Solar and Terrestrial Physics, in December last year, killing two men on February 21 and March 11 and "killing on camera" on April 3 women born in 1948.

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"Murderous maniac" were two pimply teenager

Reaction of the residents entrance, where the detained one of the defendants, it is difficult to describe in one word: it's amazement and relief simultaneously. It can be stated as "we know that everything is bad, but could not assume that it is so awful!". From their stories composed image is not of the thrillers of maniacs, but rather a series of Germanika "School" - a teenager with broken it is not clear what the psyche, the caller is not so much disgusted as pity.
There once was a boy, Tom, who by his eighteen vymahal a tall, skinny, awkward teenager. Mom brought him one - not very old, but very little gray-haired woman. The boy was nice: polite neighbors to the entrance, up a modest shyness, insecure, withdrawn, a musical - for a while disaccustomed in the local music school. He had no friends in the yard.
One would assume that he fell into bad company, but it is certain of the result. Until the moment of detention Artem dressed in the usual informal fashion, in which there was nothing from the usual image of Nazi skinheads, - a dark sweatshirt with eyebrow ever pulled over by a hood, jeans and a massive youth "sneakers" with a continuous lacing out. Neighbors even describe it hesitantly - they almost did not see his face. "A tall, stooped. Yes, no! "- That's all description.
Occurs to him constantly just one friend in mind - a much younger in age. It can now be confident enough to assert that the description it sounds like Nikita. Lykov, incidentally, from a complete happy family with average income.Some time ago there were still two or three, are the same as Tom, - dark, strangely dressed, inspiring fear, despite her young age.
- They have not been in the apartment intercom, and they used me as a concierge - all the time called, asked to open. Eventually I got bored and we turned off intercom at all - says one of her neighbors on the stairwell. - These past few months, often came, stood in the stairwell on the second floor - drank beer and cracked seeds. Once there was a swastika drawn in black marker. Husband threatened that pootryvaet their heads, they kept silent. I urged him not to contact - they were like members of some informal youth groups. And we have a small child.

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Slightly more than three months ago everything changed dramatically.Prior to that, Artem behave quietly. At some point residents nearby apartments began to hear strange noises. A neighbor who lives across the wall, says:
- He was yelling "I hate them all!", "I'll kill you!" And yell some kind of scary, beastly voice. He banged into the wall constantly, every day, in the same time - at lunch. I sit with the child at home all day, and noted that, because it is the time placed her daughter to bed. And knocked it seems, punched, or thrown on the wall of the body - the sound was not like a hammer when the hammer in nails. But music was not audible.
And on porch rumors that the teenager beat his mother. The story goes that my grandmother, who lives under their apartment, once even caused the police when she heard during a quarrel, as Artem yells at her: "Leave me alone! I tell you again now vmazhu! ". In the last month visits of Friends ended. The guy at home or playing computer games, arcade, or raged.
It was then on his page "in contact" in the "activities" appeared the phrase "I think the last few days." After the detention began to find friends Artem terrible meaning in the content page: that his religious beliefs are called "good Satanism", and one of his favorite phrases - "I was sentenced mankind." February 13, the anniversary of the execution of a maniac Chikatilo, he posted his picture with the caption "Andrei Romanovich. Grieve. " And among his friends "in contact" - the same as it is, teens expressing ultra-radical views, similar to the ideology of Nazi skinheads: Russia without foreigners, beggars, prostitutes and other "scum of society." By the way, the staff of the Investigative Committee argue that one of the first reading detainees explained the reasons that motivates them to murder: "We wanted to purify the city."
People who Artem called brothers (this graph "in contact" is intended to enumerate blood relatives, but Artem ideological brothers in it), hide their faces in the photo, shot against the backdrop of Nazi flags and offered: "If your city is a prostitute Zamani somewhere and dismember! ". Or predict: "New Vikings sharpen knives to kill the infidels in the way of racial war!". Among the preferences they indicated sites professing National Socialism.
The most terrible thing is that most of them - young people between 18-20 years, most of them live in Irkutsk, and enough at school № 19 in Akademgorodok, which he himself Artyom graduated just last year. The school, meanwhile prefers to remain silent, forgetting the old Russian proverb "a disgrace not prikroesh figs.
Round the clock patrolling officers ATC has been removed from Akademgorodok, the very next day after the arrest of murderers. At the same time was disbanded militias. It remains to add one. Now very disappointed this unexpected denouement some fans gossip on the internet forums are beginning to whine that "geek-molotochnikov" caught by accident and no police services in this. I would like to remind you that luck loves prepared: how to tell investigators inexperienced criminals, "we will not miraculously arrested - we are looking for you, and we found you." And the fact that this rock was found for the killers video is, of course, plus the public, but no less police. Working with people - it is normal practice in solving crimes.


Patient goes beep beep beeeeeeeeeep

lol I didn't know YouTube had a Shocking and Disgusting policy lol

PS: Translation in the very first post is very horrible, but I love that you found info on it anyways! <3




Hello. I'm from Russia, so if there will be mistakes in the text, sorry. In the group of Artema and Nikita on the site "VKontakte" one man threw a link to your forum. I honestly do not understand what created this site as well as transfer laziness. But about Artem and Nikita say a few words. In the Russian social network VKontakte "this theme is very popular among young people. Here's a link to their group - . Register, down there you can change the language, and everything will be clear. Be added later to friends - ;)


rotten to death
lots of drugs with combination of videogames make them do this act.
they put their arses in danger without reason i believe