Klaus Gossman


Klaus Gossman

A.K.A.: "The Midday Murderer"

Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Self-proclaimed "death's agent" - Robberies
Number of victims: 7
Date of murders: 1960 - 1965
Date of birth: 1941
Victims profile: Men and women
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Status: Sentenced to life in prison, 1965

Klaus Gossman (1960-1965) aka "the Midday Murderer" was a 19-year old Theology student at the University of Nuremberg, Germany who had seen his father shot dead by American troops during World War II.

He randomly shot 7 people from a sniper position using the noonday Church bells to disguise the sound of his rifle. A perfectionist in every way, Gosman planned his killings down to the last detail, but was eventually caught by quick police action after the last shooting.

At his trial, it turned out he was hatching an intricate plan to kidnap actress Elke Sommer. He received life in prison.

Gossman, Klaus

German born in 1941, Klaus Gossman saw his father shot by American troops in the last days of World War II. He grew up obsessed with violence, and by age nineteen he was determined to become "death's agent."

Dubbed the "Midday Murderer," Klaus planned his homicides meticulously, striking at noon, when the church bells of his native Nuremberg would cover the gunshots with their loud midday carillon.

Gossman was a student of theology in 1960, when he launched his new career in homicide. Striking off from the library one afternoon, he selected a strolling couple at random, shot them both as the bells began chiming for noon, and then calmly returned to his studies. Details of the murders were recorded in a diary, which also speaks of Gossman's strong desire to be a priest.

In 1962, Klaus robbed a bank in Ochenbruch -- again at midday -- gunning down the bank's director as he left. A few months later, in another bank, he shot and killed a porter picked at random.

On March 29, 1963, he invaded a Nuremberg gunshop at noon, murdering the elderly proprietor and her 29-year-old son. Gossman joined the army in December 1964, deserting four months later to escape the rigid discipline.

His final victim was shot when he tried to snatch a customer's bag, in a Nuremberg department store, and he was captured at the scene. The name of actress Elke Sommer had been scratched along the barrel of his gun, and Gossman's diary detailed plans for her abduction. On conviction for the string of murders, he was jailed for life.

Klaus Gossman

Born in Germany, Klaus Gossman began life by seeing his father murdered by the U.S. army at the end of World War Two. Not surprisingly he went on to lead a pretty violent life. According to those that knew his he was obsessed by violence.

At nineteen he decided on a career path - "Death's Agent."

He went on to be known as the "Midday Murderer" because his murders all occurred at midday. The reason for this wasn't anything mystical or ritualistic - it was because the church bells that rang each day in his hometown of Nuremberg were so load that they covered the gunshots that ended his victims lives.

Gossman was studying theology in 1960 when he began his new career in murder. He had planned the first one carefully. He left the library where he had been studying just in time for the bells. As soon as they began to chime - he pulled out his gun and shot two people dead. As soon as the bells stopped he returned to the library to complete his studying. He also took out his diary where he recorded the murders. He also wrote about his strong desire to become a priest.

This double murder seemed to satisfy Gossmans blood lust for some time - but the urge came back. In 1962 he robbed a bank (you won't be surprised to know that the robbery took place at midday). During this robbery Gossman got carried away and killed the banks director.

The bank robbery had worked brilliantly, so Gossman decide to do it again a few months later. He again got away with the money, and again shot and killed a man. The robbery happened at midday.

On March 29, 1963, Gossman decided Banks were getting boring. He robbed a gun shop instead. This time he killed two people - the elderly owner and her 29 year old son.

Gossman took the rest of the year off, and then decided that maybe it was time that he killed for his country, not just himself, so he joined the army.

Obviously Army life wasn't quite what he expected as he deserted just four months later.

Not long after his desertion he killed again. He tried to snatch a bag in a Nuremberg department store, but when the victim decided that he wasn't getting it without a fight he pulled out his gun and shot her. Gossman had no where to run following this crime and was arrested at the scene.

When police made a search of his stuff they found his diary that had accounts of all his murders. It also had a long plan written about how Gossman was going to abduct German actress Elke Sommer. He had also scratched her name into the barrel of the gun. One would think that she would have been rather happy when she learned of his arrest.

He was tried for the murders, and as the police had a huge amount of evidence against him, he was convicted. As far as I know he is still serving out his life sentence.


MO: Self-proclaimed "death's agent"; shot victims in holdups and random street attack.