Koran burning claims expose fragile relationship


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Koran burning claims expose fragile relationship

AUSTRALIAN troops in Afghanistan face a new threat: protests, possibly Taliban-inspired, inflamed by false claims they have desecrated the Koran, Islam's holy book.

The worst incident was last Thursday, when a mob, some armed, came close to storming an Australian outpost in the Chora valley. Claims that soldiers in the base had burnt the Koran are credibly denied by NATO and the ADF (australian defence force). But official accounts leave many questions unanswered.

At least one protester was shot when he pointed a rifle at a soldier, as the mob pelted soldiers with stones and came close to breaching the gates. The ADF said the shot was not fired by an Australian. The New York Times, quoting a NATO spokesman, reported there were no Americans present.

NATO said the protest involved about 100 people; the ADF said ''several hundred''. The Times said the attack followed a protest by 3000 locals, some armed and waving Taliban flags. The crowd had reportedly been whipped into a frenzy by claims soldiers had burnt the Koran.

It is not the first time Australians have been accused of desecrating the Koran. Similar claims emerged in July in the Mirabad region, leading to protests. Again those claims were denied by the ADF and discredited by tribal leaders.

Yet the fact they are believed by locals creates a new vulnerability for the Australians, with the Taliban threatening more unrest. The protests confirm the relationship between the soldiers and Afghans is a tense one, marked by mutual suspicion.

Koran burning claims expose fragile relationship

the adf's usual excuse "nah mate, wasnt us" lol


I doubt they burned any Koran there. They don't want their fellow countrymen to be confronted by a mob. Also they could probably be arrested for something. Dishonorably discharged.

It's quite okay though for Muslims to come to White countries, Australia included, and burn whatever they feel like. Flags, bibles, etc. included.