Latvian Association of Blondes (Blonde Pride Parade)


that site was too annoying to stay on. what is the purpose of this? i managed to read one sentence which said something about a charity. is this all they do? dye it blonde and walk around? details


Dedicated GORE poster.
Short Bussed
if you like living on about 120 bucks a month that is, and if you can find a job that does not involve being fucked in the ass by Romanians on camera

Thats why all the fuckers end up over here (UK).

Never seem to get the blond Honeys though. Its always the Mooses


Collateral tonnage
The Baltic countries have troubles affiliating with their Slavic neighbors, because they were repressed during communism. So I guess the whole blond thing gets much attention because it prides them with more "Nordic" heritage than Russian or Polish. Estonia in fact is linguistically closer to Finland than any other nation in the region.