Legs for days...

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    IMG_6786. Found this a while ago. I looked through most posts on here and have not seen it. I wonder if anyone has any more pics/info on this. The story I head was these legs belong to a 15 year old girl who went missing about a week before discovery. Found in an abandoned house used frequently by teens from the surrounding area. Not much else if that's even the correct story...
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  2. snatch

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    First of all....:chocolaterain:

    Sigh. They are a famous story out of brazil. Boy killed boy over gamer shite. Fucked his corpse, sawed it up and tried to hide it. Very old. Yet somehow timely
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  3. HorrorQueen

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    Wow I can't believe the fact it was black n white threw me off so bad I didn't recognize it. I totally kno what ur talking about. 100% right, it is that little boy... smh so much for a good first post :Cry:
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    What's more fucked up than this pic? The fact that the kid who did it is on probabtion and out amongst the general population...
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    I wonder if the kid with no legs has a laptop for sale? :rolleyes:
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