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Hi guys, I wasn't sure where to put this thread but I decided this was the best fit- I'm doing a paper exploring the link between homicide and artform. If anyone has any ideas to contribute to this topic that would be great, so far I've got that it could be a dramatic expression of self, if emotion isn't as easy coming for someone
etc. Any ideas welcome.


Utter bastard
My other half loves art and has taken me to several exhibitions in London.. a lot of it is so shit that it makes me want to kill all the pretentious arseholes who wander around in suit jackets, pink jeans, some kind of twattish looking hat and a silk cravat while they look at every piece of scribbled shit on the wall and saying that they understand exactly what the artist is trying to say

And most of them look like elderly homosexuals who have dead children under their living room floorboards


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As someone who has been trying to learn how to draw for several years, I can safely say that it has killed my brain.

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