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I smell the stench of your loved ones
Jack Merritts dad writing in the Guardian... Hes so far gone in the shite he instilled in his dead sons brain... wtg dad

typical middle class , university educated fucking liberal. Arrogant and patronising.I'm sorry the boy is dead but these people really do live in ivory towers.They have no idea how many people on this planet would love to kill us all in the west .And why are they so naïve ?Because they live in a protective, pampered fantasy world .Spoilt.


Wat da fack
🤦🏼‍♀️ there's too much to say. Fact is, we don't have guns therefore we don't have a gun problem, what's the point in changing that? In sure if it was practical they'd ban knives too and a couple decades later the knife problem would dramatically reduce. Good people can always turn bad and bad people are always gonna wanna kill people. The type of event or gathering this attack took place at, No1 would have been carrying, he'd have killed the entire room with a gun. The fracas spilled out in the street, members of the public helped out and the police shot him without the chance of return fire.
Like I said in the post you quoted, the argument really isnt worth having because you aren't going to change how you feel and I will still despair the thought of every nut job or convicted terrorist either being able to buy or get hold of a gun that was bought from Asda
Well US and UK are both extreme examples. But there are many countries in between hat have a lot of gun owners and nothing bad happening at the same time.
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