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Discussion in 'Suicide Images' started by Plouton, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Plouton

    Plouton Forum Veteran

    One reason for suicides in India has been students who are under pressure to do well but fall short. The pressure lately seems to have gotten worse. I read an article recently about some test result being released in some city or region (I don't remember which). Right afterwards there were seven student suicide attempts, four of which were successful.

    In an unrelated incident there is apparently some test (NEET) that determines if you get into medical school in India. A few day ago a 18 year old woman who had done well in school, failed to pass this test. Security camera video shows her walking to a nine story building and climbing the stairs. By standers took video of her jumping, falling and the aftermath. The force of the impact knocked her shoes off and tore her pants. Some sort of medical person tries a little CPR but gives up and she is put into a body bag. Not only are there lots of photos but many videos. Here are three that show some of this in actions.

    25879.jpeg 25889.jpg 25883.jpg 25885.jpg 25887.jpg 25877.jpg 25881.jpg

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  2. Liver1

    Liver1 Veteran of GG

    She got straight into medical school after all, through the back door in a body bag
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  3. Hapax Legomaniax

    Hapax Legomaniax Rookie

    What a waste of beauty.
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  4. lovedeadmigs

    lovedeadmigs msr's neihbor.

    Get your eyes tested. My dogs asshole has a far more water beauty potential.

    Goodbye to bad rubbish.
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  5. Hapax Legomaniax

    Hapax Legomaniax Rookie

    10/10 would jack off on her corpse.
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  6. Killiefish

    Killiefish Fresh Meat

    I'm not sure about 10/10, but she's nice. Better to jack off on her corpse than to try intercourse, lots of broken bones and things to poke you and squish in all the wrong places . . .
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  7. Burnt Offerings

    Burnt Offerings Rookie

    She didn't waste much time up there, I'll give her that.

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  8. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    Fuckin attention whore! :watamiseeing:
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  9. Nathrakh

    Nathrakh Rookie

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  10. amanda_wessel

    amanda_wessel Rookie

    If failing an exam in Denmark, we drink us self dead stiff in alcohol, and goes back to the green table the next day. Poor girl, Fuck this stupid kind of exam test hell on Earth. There are better - more humane ways of doing it.
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  11. da3ley

    da3ley Fresh Meat

    Poor girl, desperation at its finest.
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  12. LaLa317

    LaLa317 Lurker

    This really puts "knock your socks off" into a new category!
  13. MrEman4x

    MrEman4x Fresh Meat

    Being overweight killed her. Made her fall too fast