Looking for a lost short gore anime you might've heard of (1 Viewer)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone here might've seen/have more info on this anime a decent chunk of the internet is going crazy trying to find.
The common description features a number of school girls locked in (likely) a bathroom, one possibly getting drowned in a sink, one definitely getting her head smashed open. All the girls end up dying in various ways.There may be nudity at points. Described to have a similar animation style to 80s/90s anime, kind of like a lo-fi miyazaki movie. You would've seen/downloaded it in the mid-late 2000s, (possibly early 2010s) the torrent filename had something like "go for a punch" with some other non-ASCII characters. You can search that or "saki sanobashi" for more info, but I warn you, it gets messy and has attracted a couple of trolls providing fake accounts of the video, although there are a number of seemingly real ones. Figured trying to find an obscure gore animation on a gore forum would be worth a shot. Thanks for any information you guys can provide!
I'm frothing at the mouth to find this video.

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