Looking for good horror recommendations.


Mini Wiconi -Water Is Life!
The ritual was a cracker I suppose. I personally dislike monster themes but it was still good

Kill List is possibly one of my all time favourite horrors, about two hitmen who essentially get dodgier and dodgier jobs only to find they're part of what's essentially a ritual.. it's really fantastic and fucking dark.. the ending is brilliant.

I love french extremity but you've likely seen all the good stuff so I'll just list my favourite movies

Martyr's (original and extended edition)

Man bites dog (not really a horror, but it's classed as either a psychological horror or a shockumentary "it's not based on truth", there's some epic and highly re-watchable moments, it's a grim and gritty slow burner, and it's in French but fuck me is it a gem)
The others, it has that one hideous scene which must be seen.

Dead man's shoes (just fucking watch this one if you haven't.. very gritty.. very realistic, very dark, again not a true horror, but certainly horrifying)

Irreversible (pretty savage)

A Serbian film (pure degenerate filth, love it)

The original Texas chainsaw, but I'm sure you've seen that.

Antichrist (Lars Von trier is a pretty bad ass writer and director etc, this is the best of the series.. quite alot of symbolism but still brilliant)

The original "I spit on your grave" is a good classic.. the remakes shit.

Salo, very good if you can be asked to sit through it.. took me a few goes to get into it but it's worth the ride.

Audition, good but probably a one time watch.

Gummo, isn't a horror but it's fucking bleak
Requiem for a dream, same as above

Candy man wasn't too terrible but it's a tad cheesy.. otherwise quite horrific in places.. same vein as nightmare on elm Street and Friday the 13th though.. so either love or hate I think (not really my sort of horror)

The omen, I always loved that movie
The exorcist, you've seen it surely but the beginning part where the archeologist is in the desert has a brilliant atmosphere.

Suspiria, always found that movie to be totally fucked..

Last House on the left
Rosemary's baby
The shining

Wolf creek! Another great one
The hills have eyes (I personally thought it was shit but it is pretty damn nasty throughout.. some scenes are so screwed up)
Children of the corn (another classic, I used to love the original though)
Hostel, if you like cheap throwaway torture porn.
Red dragon (a must if you liked silence of the lambs as it's somewhat connected)

The descent, hellish as fuck.. claustrophobia plus strange subterranean sub human beasties.. actually good.

The thing
Last House on the left
A tale of two sisters

Funny games!!, Absolutely amazing film.
Eden lake, absolutely amazing film.. the ending is horrible and when they necklace the child.. this film is really really worth a watch If you haven't already.
Session 9
Jacob's ladder
We need to talk about Kevin
Killing of a sacred deer

Now I have this movie in my head and I just cannot find it!
Basically a father and son are involved in an illegal fighting network (I think) and after winning a fight the son was supposed to lose, their car is ambushed on the way out by a group of pikeys, who kill the pair.
The rest of the movie plays out like a revenge thriller/horror in which another brother tries to track down the people responsible.. at some point he finds himself at a deal house, cops warn him but on his side.. eventually he find the guy and kills him, shooting his legs with a rifle before finishing him off

If anyone thinks that sounds familiar please lemme know the name
I fucking loved that movie and I've never been able to find it since
Same feeling throughout as "dead mens shoes" just gritty and dark.

Oh also se7en could go on this list just for the sin of sloth
Eden Lake is defiantly worth a watch...excellent thriller.